Hyper Vertical Delight

Clover Lee & David Erdman Studio – Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning

Completed in the fall of 2008, Hyper Vertical Delight was a graduate studio project with Tom Prabowo and Chi Song under visiting faculty Clover Lee and David Erdman.

Hyper Vertical Delight is a housing proposal in Hong Kong which consists of 4000 housing units and corresponding public amenities. The collection of towers conveys a social and aesthetic spirit of elegance that can flourish in Hong Kong’s dense living environment. The overall morphogenetic form is made possible by the sinuous structure connecting the corners of each floor plate. The twelve towers grow out of the ground and through an elevated landscape, changing in thickness and porosity along their vertical trajectory. The gesture of twisting allows more sunlight into the vertical community and affords positive exchange between towers. The public programs connect the high-rise buildings both visually and physically to create a strong image of identity and unity. In HvD, the traditional podium found in Hong Kong residential towers is replaced with a new landscape. This second ground provides a fluctuating and delightful platform for all types of activities, blurring the boundaries and extending its territory into the surrounding urban environment.

Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning

University of Michigan

links – Tom Prabowo – http://tomprabowo.com
– davidclovers – www.davidclovers.com